Joseph Hazout

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He was born in 1944.

Practical engineer, electrician (vehicular), dealing with air conditioning and computers, was self-employed for many years in an independent business.

Married with 4 daughters, and grandfather to 4 grandchildren.

Served in the armored corp approximately 25 years.

In 1984, during the Shlom HaGalil war he was injured when, on patrol between Tyre and Sidon (Manssuria) in Lebanon, the jeep in which he traveled with 4 friends, detonated a large charge that threw them out of the jeep.

As a result, he was injured extremely seriously in his head, was taken to intensive care in Haifa’s Rambam hospital, and from there was transferred for rehabilitation of about 2 months in convalescence home 3 in Haifa. Afterwards, he was transferred for treatments to Beit Levinstein.

Despite all that he endured, he tried to rehabilitate himself using his own willpower, by being occupied at work and with his hobbies.

After many years, he was forced to stop working and turned to his old hobbies: drawing, being a goldsmith, vitrage, and computers.

As of now, he has produced a large amount of jewelry and approximately 50 drawings and portraits.