The Man and Energy Fields



Prof. Michail Goldfeld. Vector Biolocation. Geofield and Health.

In this research offered the hypothesis of influence of the geofield indignations mechanism on our health. For experimental examination of the specified assumption were developed highly sensitive biolocative tools and a technique of their use. Between field structure of the person and a field situation on the ground surfaces a connection is established; for what a special device was developed. Variants of preventive maintenance and protection of patients at occurrence of adverse external field conditions are considered. The majority of the research results are received for the first time. (The complete text on Russian).

Prof. Michail Goldfeld. Geofield Compass.

The geofield compass is developed and tested . The technique of perfection of biolocation operators is offered. (The complete text on Russian).

Prof. Michail Goldfeld. Pyramids and other generators of energy-information fields.

Results of the pyramids’ power research are stated. On the basis of use of high-sensitivity biolocators sources and conditions of appearance of power fields in pyramids, for the first time, are determined. Influence of pyramid’s energy on surrounding space and people is determined. Types of power fields of a pyramid and their earlier unknown properties are investigated. Possible directions of use of the received results are formulated. (The complete text on Russian).

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