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1. Assignment and Purposes of the Project

The project in the unwrapped kind is intended for organizational and knowledge support of situations, structures, processes of the administrative, technological and technical responsible decisions acceptance which connected with innovation and development in the industrial sector of Ukrainian economy.

The project provides substantial organizational association both of national interests in the field of industrial policy realization and of creative students activity, post-graduate students, young academics, scientists and experts on industrial sector. System, synergy and experience connection of: (1) the tasks of industrial policy, (2) educational processes adding the high school educational programs, and also (3) collective and individual creativity, — is focused on rational preparation of important changes for this sector efficiency.

The project is the structural component of the Innovation Programs of the National Humanization Center for Engineering Education and Institute “Natural sciences, Technics and Man” at National Technical University “Kharkov Polytechnical Institute” (see Appendix 1).

The Project activity is unwrapped in the Students Palace of at NTU “KhPI” as on one of experimental platforms of the Humanization National Centre.

The intermediate organizational result of the Project should become as
The Organizational and Knowledge Innovation Experience Center for Industry.

2. The Tasks which are solved during development of the Project

3. Direction of the Project Structures Activity

4. Structure and Mechanisms of Activity

The design complex consists of the three basic units:

The Project tasks also solve with:

5. Basic Products and Results

6. Sources of the Project Activity Financing

7. The I-st Stage of the Project Activity deployment

The basic content of works on the I-st stage is the creation of an Internet-magazine and share base of the Center.

Provisional expenses on the one year I-st stage (starting period)


Subject of the charges

(in thousands of $ US)


Development and release of an Internet-magazine:

development of general ideology and model samples on an example of one industrial enterprise.

Formation of the personnel group.



Building of structure of maintenance self-repayment and share (material) base of the Center — Internet-Cafe.


  Building of the communications lines (Internet, phone/fax)






8. The Project governing is carried out with following Initiative Group:

The Project Chief

Valeriy A. Proskoornin
methodologist, expert in the problem-solving processes, deputy director of the Student Palace of NTU “KhPI”

The Project Scientific Chief
on Industrial Policy

Nikolay E. Ternyuk,
doctor of engineering science, professor, academician of The International Academy of Science, Technology and Engineering, director of The Institute of Machines and Systems of The Industrial Policy Ministry of Ukraine and NAS of Ukraine.

The Project Scientific Chief
on Education Policy

Andrey A. Mamaluy,
doctor of physical and mathematical science, professor, chief of general and experimental physics cathedra, director of The Institute “Nature Sciences, Technics and Man”


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