about student’s club “Management World”

for Students Palace of the KhSPU

The Club “Management World” is organized and works in structure of creative collectives of the Students Palace of the NTU “KhPI”.

1. Mission and Assignments of Club

Students Club “Management World” (further — MWC) is organized with the purposes of practical realization of the creative initiative and professional approaches by the students of all specializations of higher school.

The mission MWC is shaping and promoting of a creative potential of the students (together with the academics and collaborators of university) in conditions of initiative and intensive assimilation of universally-culture and professional knowledges in innovation designing for the decision of urgent problems of development the country cultural, social and economic life.

In realization of the Specified Mission the Following Tasks are Solved:

2. MWC Organization and Structure

2.1. The MWC basis the students professional interests and creative initiatives, their problem and thematic creative groups. Coordination and the methodological constantly acting seminars realize the interactions both of these collectives (organized in studio, workshops, schools, bureau, etc.) and discussions of a course of realization of the joint initiatives in MWC frameworks.

2.2. Each of a half-year, MWC carries out winter and summer sessions on which the outcomes of individual and collective work on the elected themes, problems, directions are represented and the wide controversies about methods and forms of work, their cultural, professional and social significance are carried out also.

2.3. The operating control by MWC work is realized by the its Chief who develops actual work topics and plans.

2.4. The long-range planning of MWC activity is carried out on a specially chosen cycle of the coordination seminar under the MWC Scientific Chief control.

In MWC developed activity the leaders of creative groups will create the premises for formation of the strategic planning special structures.

2.5. During current MWC work the following intergroup services are forming:

2.6. For works fulfillment by the initiative projects and orders, MWC forms the temporary creative groups (TCG) which mainly consist of the students, post-graduate students and young academics; these TCG acting on the base a) of funds-granters requirements and b) of economical agreements concluded with the enterprises, establishments, organizations–customers on concrete developments in the field of MWC interests and purposes.

2.7. Number and the functions of the regular collaborators, issues of payment and inducing of their activity are decided by the MWC Chief (as agreed with the Students Palace Director) for want of stable streams of financing availability and depending on volumes and concrete contents of work.

3. MWC Membership

3.1. The MWC members can be persons which dividing of it activity purposes and practically participating in one of the associations included in it structure. The reception into the MWC membership realized by the its Chief on presentation of the acting MWC members.

3.2. The youth associations, organizations and enterprises can become the collective MWC members on the base of agreement made about.

4. MWC assets

4.1. The MWC financial assets are formed at the expense of development of the projects which conforming the funds-granters requirements, receipts from the sponsors, and also of the incomes received from MWC TCG self-supporting activity by the enterprises and organizations orders.

4.2. The MWC assets are spent: on realization of non-profit measures — winter and summer sessions of MWC collective, current problem and thematic seminars, exhibitions, reviews, scientific and technical schools, etc., on organization of Club activity propagation; on the start period of the new projects, on organization of collective leisure of the MWC members; on payment of TCG work and engaged experts in the correspondence with the normative documents, on creation, development and service of the MWC technical basis.

The MWC Chief V.A. Proskoornin

The MWC Scientific Chief ...........................

MWC Institution (temporary)


The Students Palace Director ...........................

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