The one who worships by idols becomes a deaf person

Practically all public (non profit) organizations are engaged in the social programs even when will carry out educational measures. The philosophical, natural-scientific seminars and conferences take place in rare cases. But practically there are no programs directed on maintenance and development of ‘engineering activity’ nor for traditional technical directions, or for support and development invention creativity, and especially — for researches the engineering thinking: logic and epistemology, methods and means of designing, analysis and synthesis of systems. The major social institute with its usual culture has gradually accepts the irreversible forms, if not disintegration but dispersions.

This developing situation has by the consequences global tecktonical shifts on whole massive of social systems. Washing away of engineering activity in the territory of former USSR will entail disappearance of all intellectual maintenance complex of livability processes, as it will be impossible to build and to serve mechanisms of these processes, to what sphere they would not belong: financial, legal, political, educational, administrative, etc. All and any mechanisms — are objects of the engineers care: of designers, technologists, strenthyners, rate-setters, researchers, etc.

Received wide circulation the ‘finalistic’ concepts (end of world, end of a history) do not take into account the major function which is carried out by engineery sphere — maintenance of ‘short circuit’ of culture (as common for all spheres of activity) on area of their realization. Thus these concepts do not assume the means and ways ‘of natural protection’ from braking of historical evolution processes. The engineery — both as the technic and as the art (or technique) of thought realization — provides all spheres of human activity with a wide variety of the subject forms by its practical-ability to using in the complex the diverse scientific and practical knowledges. And by the end of XX century the engineering forms and the modes of work were appreciably displaced from a tree, metal, ivory, ground — to electronic, organic and, that very much meaning — to socialness.

But the positive penetration of engineery in subcultures of other kinds of activity already begins to give the failures: the development and introduction of uniform European currency creates political and social pressure; the strengthening of one states in Near East attracts counteraction of other states; the speed of distribution of financial knowledge finds out weakness of the international legal systems, etc. Thus these kinds of activity have no the appropriate mechanisms of reproduction of actually engineering culture inside themselves; frequently (and it is not always adequate) this role the mathematics carries out. Engineering culture, historically (and basically) strongly enough adhered to an industry and building, together with historical end of technological era and appropriate general attenuation of industrialization processes becomes a museum rarity, if the engineery will lost a quality of autonomous sphere of activity: the quantity of the patents and licenses connected with chemical, pharmaceutical and bio-technologies — many times over exceeds similar in the field of mechanical engineering; the design of political measures is constantly accompanied by reproaches in ‘dirtiness’. Sharp fall of financing of scientific and design development (in territory of the f. USSR) ‘drain of blood’ a flow of new engineering knowledge in higher educational schools, also in the same time the research sector of higher schools has stopped own experimental works.

At such turn of facts, all mechanisms of reproduction of engineering culture will to stop, that instantly will result to the termination of continuous of substantial exchange (knowlegely and methods/means equipment) with other spheres of activities. The destruction of historically developing ‘humanitarian metabolism’ will make senseless and impossible the concept accepted by the international community about the ‘sustainable development’ (in a wide spectrum of variants of its realization).

Most important and essential reason of the mentioned above failures apparently is that the usual engineering culture is not ready to developing new global organization of intellectual processes — as network type changing total orientation to centralization and hierarchies, in which we were born. Prosperity and success of engineery is limited (and very rigidly) while only to world of technologies. And its that small share (having visibility continuous because of quantity and monotony) which is necessary, for example, on electronics, is not main and sufficient for maintenance in a healthy condition of the historical evolution of mankind.

All the healthy pragmatism, the balance of the conservative and liberal concepts can have their real party only due to the verified and reckoned engineering constructions — tools, structures and mechanisms, — to what subject domain of knowledge they would not belong.

So, we came to understanding what should be made the obligatory positive and constructive step by. And now, this understanding is practically guided by: (1) concentration of efforts on transformation ways improvement of a technological type engineering culture in engineering culture of new — a network type, and also by (2) adjustment of new channels of network-type-engineery assimilation by other kinds of activity.

This orientation we shall consider as the sense of knowledge innovation.

Thus we at once shall meet with a problem: how to organize the development of originally substantial and praticianable ‘abstract’ forms allowing the adequate assimilation and reproduction of the engineering culture as such — until how to pass to the ‘transformed’, or subject, forms which we have taken possession so of, that we do not consider necessary to build and to change our representations for a new situation. And on it still imposes a serious print ideology of hierarchy, which to refuse not so simply. It will be the basic problem for new researches and theoretical developments.

In the ideology the present Project assumes:

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