Non-profit organization “Casstal” was founded in the end of 1998 in accordance with the resolution of the City Engineering Center of Petach-Tikwa and registered on February 10, 1999.

Our mission: to develop technical creativity of children and cultivate up-to-date technical thinking among children by means of teaching basics of electronics and physics. With that end in the view we have worked out and started the realization of the long standing Project “The Center of Children Technical Creation”. Presently, this is the single project of our Organization.

The goals:

         To develop  intellectual functions of children.

         To learn the basic electronics.

        To bring the children an interesting for them and useful for the society ability of working up and assembling of the electronic appliances in accordance with the child’s own plan.

         To assist children in professional orientation.    

We work with 9 - 16 year old children from low-income families after regular school classes. They get familiar with the basics of electronics and independently design and make working models of electronic devices: power sources, simple receiving and transmitting gadgets, amplifiers, appliances demonstrating different laws of physics.

In the course of the last two years we have organized three exhibitions of original works of our children that drew attention of the general public.

This approach requires a considerable technical base. Starting from the first days of our activities our efforts have been directed to the building of such. We succeeded in establishing a workshop seats, equipped with measuring units, tools, power supplies. In this workshop the children can solve their problems.


At the moment we have 18 students. Since the foundation time of our organization more than 50 children have done their practical training with us.


What for we do it

1. In real life, regardless of our professional field, we have to deal with the analysis of situations, defining goals, setting and solving problems, planning, experimentation, expertizing, modeling, and other engineering processes (see Principled Program). We do it, however, without appropriate training and, therefore, generate new problems and conflicts. We think it necessary to work out and experimentally verify a methodology of engineering thinking building, universalize it so that it would be possible to teach engineering processes from childhood. Our experience as a prototype of one of the variants of the school of the future may be useful for reconstructing the present educational system in Israel and worldwide.


2. It’s crucial to take the children away from streets, to avert dissemination of drug addiction and teenage criminality.


3. We are dealing with a specific audience, i.e. children from economically weak families of new repatriates, going through the difficulties of acculturation and not able to hire private tutors. Psychological break-downs of children and family conflicts have become a mass phenomena. Adaptive educational support in a number of subjects and psychological counseling may seriously diminish the problem.



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