Sergey Kuritz

Sergey Kuritz is a specialist in Systems Analysis of management problems. He is a laureate of academic prizes, was awarded Gold medals of the prestige Exhibition of in the USSR for development and realization of methodology of Systems Thinking Approach in the solution of a serious problem on a national scale. In the years of the Perestroika, he participated in the work of the Council of Ministers of the USSR on creation of a legislative base of cooperatives and privatization as a consultant on Systems Management. PhD (technology); Doctor (special highest level in Russia) of science (organization and economics); Professor (systems analysis, management). Author of six books and over 150 articles, both scientific ones and publicistic.

…. very original book. Drawing upon the literature of systems analysis, Prof. Sergey Kuritz focuses on the main reasons why Israel is an unstable political system. His diagnosis of the system’s failures is in my opinion a must reading material for all us who are concerned about Israel’s future. Moreover, the concluding chapters, in which the author discusses possible scenarios of developments, breaks new ground for a fruitful academic and public debate.

Itzhak Galnoor,

Herbert Samuel Professor of Political Science,

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

…All the more interesting is this book, that not only analyses traditional factors, such as the state’s power, that determine its viability, but also looks into the issues that have never been considered vital for the existence of the state – the problems of state government. Testing his hypothesis, the Israeli researcher has identified the basic components of state system, defined direct connections and feedback in the system of state government from the formal-methodological standpoint, and performed a goal-oriented analysis of the interests of top functionaries who make political and management decisions. The book undoubtedly makes a serious contribution to the study of prospects of preserving the statehood of the Jewish people from the standpoint of state government …(published in “Finances, Law, Management” magazine).

Vitaly P. Vorobyov,

Doctor of Law, Professor, Vice Rector of Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO-University)


…In our evaluation of our country we frequently make use of well-known, standard, usually primitive stereotypes. Rarely do we find serious attempts at rethinking our national existence and the existence of our state in terms of scientific approaches and on the basis of a comprehensive profound analysis. This book is a rare example of such an analysis. You do not have to agree with the author in all his assertions. But you have to seriously and deeply think over the text, strain your faculties to reach and comprehend the said things and their level. Especially interesting is the part which is the aim of the book – an attempt to solve the problem of state system, which, on the one hand, is a natural expression of the national character and its specific features, and on the other, is a means to solve our major problems…

Ya’akov Kedmi,

for 20 years headed one of the special services for the prime minister of Israel.

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