Gregory Fogel


The book main idea is to innovate new job time – rest time separation system.

For example: for a week or for a month, or for a half a year, or for a year to work and the same periods of time to be free from job.

In this case the working week will be in average 40 hours with payments according hours of job.

It proposed, that the new system will been chosen voluntary by employee or worker and will been used together with traditional job-rest systems.

Pools tell us, that about 70% of people want to live and to work in the proposed system.

Analyzing of changes in different areas of human beings life in the case of this proposal realization is the main part of this book.

It had written as chapter-interviews with people of different professions, social groups, and education levels. Some times the author takes the place of those people.

Bit by bit is shown that this system will bring a positive, recovering effect almost in every area of life.

The new lifestyle point of view about solving the problems of high tech, tourism, transport, supper wide goods and services consuming initiation; the influence of this idea on little and middle businesses and show businesses has introduced in this book too.

Author trays also to investigate some global problems solution, particularly ecological and emigration ones.

It have been introduced the new children breeding and education system, compatible with new lifestyle. Author comes to conclusion that in future almost all will practice lifelong high tech supported education.

Proposed system is being compare with creative, freelancer people lifestyles and also with ancient Jews, and hinduistic ways of life from the points of abilities of reaching spirit and intellectual comfort.

To light up the book topic it was also needful to touch the problems of workaholism, distance management, “Watch” and “Free job” job setting systems, elite lifestyle imitation by mass society.

The author practices this lifestyle from 1982 and he want to impart his experience to the reader.

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